Lyon, the city where it feels good to live

Lyon is the 2nd largest city in France in terms of culture, with 20% of its operating budget devoted to culture.

Lyon was elected "French city of nightlife" in 2015 at the “Trophées de la nuit” in Paris.

Last updated date : 28/11/2023

Going out in Lyon / Day

Fun - The great tradition of café-theatres
Alongside Lyon's famous puppet Guignol, café-theatres in Lyon represent the other aspect of satirical tradition. After the creation in 1977 of La Graine (now the "Migraine") café-theatres proliferated, first in Vieux-Lyon then throughout the entire city. 
After training in such establishments, a whole generation of now famous French actors, such as Florence Foresti and Gad Elmaleh, emerged in Lyon and all perfected their shows on stages in Lyon prior to heading for Paris. Still today, this tradition is in full swing and the city, with its café-theatres, is still the place where talent is spotted and selected for future festivals. 

Cultural - A busy cultural life 
Lyon Metropole boasts many excellent institutions and museums that are unique in France. Among them, the Confluences museum, famous for its contemporary architecture, questions the origins of Earth and humanity both historically and geographically. As for the Opéra National, one of the twenty most prestigious ballets companies in the world, the Auditorium - Lyon National Orchestra and the Théâtre des Célestins, they follow an ambitious programme. The illustrious Musée des Beaux-Arts, one of the major museums in France and Europe, exhibits rare collections that encompass Antiquity and Modern Art. And finally La Maison de la Danse, a unique location in Europe, welcomes the most skilled modern dance companies in the world.

Main museums in Lyon :

  • Musée des Confluences
  • Museum of Miniatures and Cinema
  • Fine Arts Museum
  • Museum of Textile and Decorative Arts
  • Printing Museum
  • Modern Art Museum
  • Lumière Institute
  • Lugdunum Museum and Roman Theaters
  • Tony Garnier Urban Museum
  • Gadagne Museums : History of Lyon & Puppets Arts

Clever! Lyon City Card : the essential cultural pass
The Lyon City Card opens the doors of museums and temporary exhibitions throughout the city, and gives its holders access to Guignol shows. It also offers lots of discounts on shows at the Opéra National, Théâtre des Célestins, La Maison de la Danse and the Théâtre Nouvelle Génération.      

Children - Musée des Confluences

Going out in Lyon / Night

Underground - The slopes in the Croix-Rousse district 
The inhabitants of Lyon gather to relax in the “pentes” and share a relaxing moment together. In this bohemian quarter, the bars offer eclectic programmes. The lower part of the pentes are the haunt of younger night revellers.

Conviviality - The banks of the Rhône
Ever since they were redeveloped, the shores of the left bank of the Rhône have been taken by storm all year round. In the evening, locals and visitors alike gather on the terraces of the many moored barges. As night falls, these floating bars morph into nightclubs.

Festive - The Vieux-Lyon district
Vieux-Lyon is a historic district popular among tourists and the favourite haunt of sport and beer fans, owing to its many pubs. In the evening, it is invested by students.

Chic Clubbing - The Brotteaux and Confluence districts 
Built in the early 19th century around the former train station, the Brotteaux area is now an essential stop among the trendier inhabitants of Lyon. It has all the ingredients for a successful night out: bars, restaurants and nightclubs. To the south of the Presqu’île, the Confluence district, with its trendy establishments, is a must for all chic clubbers.

Electro - The Confluence district
As the Mecca of the electro scene in Lyon, the Confluence district attracts lovers of electronic music to its rooftops clubs, with the very latest programmes. In May, it becomes the centre of the electro scene in France and Europe within the scope of the electronic music festival Les Nuits Sonores.

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