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The international Part-Dieu Station, urban development of the Confluence district and conversion of the Grand Hôtel-Dieu are all major projects helping to build Lyon's international reputation, while respecting heritage and the environment.

Last updated date : 29/01/2019

Lyon Part-Dieu, a driving force behind the city's power of attraction

As the strategic heart of the Lyon metropolis, Part-Dieu is one of the driving forces of its influence and power of attraction at  national and European levels. Its development project aims to attract newcomers and turn the district into an international reference in terms of quality, urban innovation and economic performance as early as 2020.
The project therefore combines developing the service sector and improving the quality of life of inhabitants and workers. It includes several aspects.

La Part-Dieu © www.b-rob.com

Firstly, new green open spaces and relaxation
areas will be created. Means of transport will also be increased and made easier, with the development of the TCL network and non-motorized transport (bicycles, Vélo’v, pedestrian routes). As for culture, the offer will be enriched with new events throughout the district. The ground floors of new buildings will accommodate service providers and stores,
and the shopping centre will be redesigned to open out with rooftop areas devoted to urban leisure activities and catering.

The urban landscape will be transformed thanks to the renovation of buildings in accordance with existing architectural heritage in the Part-Dieu area, but also thanks to the construction of several towers which will redefine Lyon's skyline.

And finally, the station will be renovated to cater for over 220,000 travellers a day by 2030 (compared to 120,000 currently). A new façade, entrance and shopping mall tied to the To — Lyon project (an exceptional 85,000 m2 programme scheduled for 2022) will profoundly change the station as we now know it.

The Lyon Part-Dieu project in figures (2010-2030)
+ 650,000 m² of offices
+ 2,200 homes
+ 40,000 jobs
+ 100,000 passengers in the SNCF station / day
+ 50,000 m² facilities created
+ 3,000 inhabitants
+ 30 ha of redeveloped public areas

La Confluence, the greatest town centre project in Europe

Located in the heart of Lyon, south of the Presqu’île, the Confluence district, long devoted to industry and logistic activities, began its  transformation in 2003.
The aim of this ambitious 150 ha programme, that includes 5 km of river banks, was to create a new, contemporary and with stringent  environmental standards (1st WWF district in France) in view of doubling the surface area of the town centre of Lyon
And this is just what we did! Today, the first stage of the La Confluence project (41 ha) has already changed the appearance of the district. It now has 1,500 homes, 230,000 m² of offices and activities, bordered by 22.5 ha of generously sized and convivial public spaces (Saône Park, Place Nautique, the public areas in port Rambaud, etc.). Stage 2, which concerns a surface area of 35 ha, began in 2012. Designed by the Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron, and landscape gardener Michel Desvigne, it plays on height variations, and aims to make life easier for those opting for alternative means of transport. It includes the "Market District", with housing, offices and shops, as well as pedestrian pathways through cultivated courtyards, wooded areas, terraces and playgrounds. Eventually, the Confluence district will house 16,000 inhabitants and 25,000 employees.

The renovation of the Grand Hôtel-Dieu

Grand Hôtel-Dieu, Cour du Midi (vue intérieure) © Vincent Ramet

Conducted by Eiffage and its partner Generim, the restoration and reconversion project chosen for Hôtel-Dieu de Lyon draws its inspiration from the roots of history to meet the requirements of modern-day life.
This major project aims to highlight the architecture and heritage of this site, which is entirely listed as a historic monument that dates back to the 18th century.
By restoring this former hospital, Greater Lyon hopes to breathe new life into the site in a coherent and innovative manner, by opening it up to the general public thanks to a range of activities and pleasant areas devoted to relaxation. Located on a strategic site at the heart of the Presqu’Ile, this  iconic monument will house shops, offices, restaurants and a bar, a 5-star
InterContinental hotel with 143 rooms, a convention centre and a dozen apartments.

And finally, it is here, in this complex open to all, that the UNESCO-listed Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie de Lyon will celebrate and hand down the Gastronomic Meal of the French, and give pride of place to flavoursome food, beautiful tableware and gourmet eating experiences. It is scheduled to open in the spring of 2019. Grand Hôtel-Dieu opened in the spring of 2018 for shops and offices, then in 2019 for the InterContinental hotel and convention centre.

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