A culinary voyage to the heart of street food

The new HEAT food court is officially opening on Monday 15 July 2019. Food lover? Gourmet? Culinarily-curious? Save the date!

Last updated date : 17/09/2019

The secret’s out: H7, Lyon’s new incubator, is home to a new venue fully focused on food culture - HEAT.

In the Confluence district, down by the Musée des Confluences, this giant 600m² dining room promises an authentic culinary journey.

Under an immense open hangar, you’ll find 6 shipping containers as well as a bar and tonnes of tables where you can eat, chat, and - why not? - meet new people. The containers propose a genuine culinary melting pot with a rolling programme: burgers, savoury or sweet pancakes, pizzas, Asian or Italian cuisine, ice cream, and so on. There’s something to tickle everybody’s taste buds and offer the opportunity to explore new culinary horizons!

Over its opening week, HEAT is inviting you to taste La Boîte Rose and Himalia’s delicious pizzas, Casa Jaguar’s tropical cuisine, L’Estanco du Marché’s bagels, Mas Amor Por Favor’s Latin cuisine, and Ikône’s tasty chocolate.

HEAT has created a community of restaurant owners for the project, offering them support on their own initiatives. This community is busy all year round and gets together for special workshops.

A culinary and social centre to visit… then come back for more (and more)!


Mélina joined our gang this summer, and we're all delighted!She's from the Vendée on the west coast of France, and her eyes are as blue as the ocean that laps its shores. In fact her kind and mischievous eyes are the first thing you notice about her, and you soon realise that despite her gentle and even quite discrete nature lies a boundless source of energy!

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